Hans Lüdemann
Hans Lüdemann, piano, Orgel, synth, präpariertes Klavier, Clavichord (Köln)
Marc Ducret
Marc Ducret, Gitarren (Paris)
Hartmut Kracht
Hartmut Kracht, Bass (Essen)
Dre Pallemaerts
Dre Pallemaerts, Schlagzeug, Perkussion (Antwerpen)
Mark Feldman
Mark Feldman, Violine (New York)
Reiner Winterschladen
Reiner Winterschladen, Trompete (Hamburg)
Hayden Chisholm
Hayden Chisholm, sopransax, Baritonsax, didgeridoo (Neuseeland)

"Lüdemann and his septett put an end to the postmodern period of improvised music with a maximum of intensity and care" wrote the Frankfurter Rundschau. Another major German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, was even more enthusiastic and titled its review. "the happy future of Jazz - If the future of Jazz sounds like Lüdemanns Futurisms, we can look forward to it happily and hopefully."
Both reviews were talking about the same concert of Hans Lüdemann`s group RISM 7 at the "Brotfabrik", Frankfurt, in march of 1997. This was in the middle of their first tour with the new program "Futurism".
"Futurism", a double CD, is the latest release of German pianist Hans Lüdemann and his group RISM. The idea of "Futurism" is to attempt an outlook, to find out what musical structures from the past are worth taking along and what might be new paths that lead further on.
Critics and audience received "Futurism" enthusiastically: "Lüdemann put an end to the postmodern period of improvised music" wrote the "Frankfurter Rundschau". "The range of musical colors he has put together has simply been unheard of."
RISM stands for "repertoire internationale des sources musicales". As the name suggests, Lüdemann draws from a wide range of traditions and influences. The experience with African polyrhythm from his solo program "the natural piano" has its impact as well as subtle influences from popular music ("jungle") and discoveries of sound.
Lüdemann makes use of a broad range of colors such as piano overtones, the clavichord (ancestor of the piano from the time of Bach), electric organ, synthesizer and prepared piano. With Mark Feldman, Reiner Winterschladen and Marc Ducret he has assembled internationally known solists. Hayden Chisholm is a young and very original reed player from New Zealand, Belgien drummer Dré Pallemaerts one of the first new Europeen jazz drummers. Hartmut Kracht is one of the most original bass players in Germany and, together with Lüdemann, the core of the group RISM. Most of the musical material of "Futurism" is designed so that it can be played in different size groups. The septet will serve as a pool of musicians who can perform in different combinations. The new septet RISM 7 and its program FUTURISM were premiered on tour in spring of 1997. Also, it was recorded by Deutschlandradio and Hessischer Rundfunk radio stations. The next tour of RISM (as a quartett) is scheduled for January 2001.
RISM has performed at important festivals, for example Barcelona, Copenhagen and the Musiktriennale Köln and recorded for a number of radio and tv stations. Three CD`s have been released on Jazz Haus Musik.
HANS LÜDEMANN RISM 7Futurism (septet) (1998) JAZZ HAUS MUSIK
UnitaRISM (quartet) (1994) JAZZ HAUS MUSIK