"Mysterious Call"
Hans Lüdemann (piano)
Reiner Winterschladen (trumpet)
Winterschladen / Lüdemann

In their duo program "Mysterious Call" both musicians share the responsibilities equally. They move between the poles of spontaneous musical communication and original compositions, some of them designed especially for this project. With verve and energy, the two musicians draw from all imaginable sources of inspiration and sound. Lüdemann contributes his experience of African music ("The Natural Piano"), Winterschladen his expressivity, using all conceivable and inconceivable tone colours from his instrument. For a moment we are taken away into outer space and all of a sudden we are back in the middle of the jungle. Both musicians have a liking for simple musical elements. Combined in the most intricate ways they build up complex polyrhythms or long melodic structures and serve to send out signals and messages to their audience. Both musicians are also very powerful and vital performers, so that their duo becomes both a listening experience and a fascinating event on stage. Winterschladen and Lüdemann got to know each other during the "Moers Jazz Festival" in 1995. Subsequently, they played together in Lüdemanns group RISM ( the CD "Futurism" was published by JazzHausMusik). Their duo program was presented for the first time on a tour through Germany in Spring 2000. The current CD "Mysterious Call" was recorded live in concert during that tour and published by Konnex/ Berlin in 2001.

Reiner Winterschladen- biography
Winterschladen is living in Hamburg. He is regarded as one of the leading trumpeters in Europe. He belongs to the rare species of musicians who are switching naturally from free improvisation to new music, and from jazz to rock music. But he stays himself with his unmistakable sound and his personality. For years he played with the group Blue Box (CDs published by ENJA) and as soloist in the European Jazz Ensemble. He was also member of different other projects, like the "Klaus König Orchestra", the "Nighthawks" and the group "Trance Groove". Moreover Winterschladen is a member of the NDR Bigband. He took part in many tours and disc publications.

CD: Mysterious Call, Konnex (2001)