february 12, 2024 / english version
Released on June 26 by Intuition records:
„Enchanted Forest“

Hans Lüdemann: piano, virtual piano | Aly Keïta: balafon | Christian Thomé: drums/percussion | Simin Tander: voice | Tamara Lukasheva: voice | Amanda Becker: voice | Lisa Wulff: double bass | Alexandra Grimal: saxophone press release (pdf)
Nominated in two categories for the music award "Deutscher Schallplattenpreis"

Hans Lüdemann

Aly Keita + Christian Thomé

Trio Ivoire

Photo: Trio Ivoire with Simin Tander and Lisa Wulff during the recording session of „Enchanted Forest“ at the LOFT, Köln.

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