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April 2022

TransEuropeExpress Ensemble - The new CD release „on the edges 1“

Edges 1 The new CD release „on the edges 1“ featuring Moroccan master musician Majid Bekkas (Oud, Guembri, vocals) has been released on BMC records in March. It is the start of a series of projects featuring guests from and beyond the borders of Europe.
Lineup: Ronny Graupe, Silke Eberhard, Regis Huby, Sebastien Boisseau, Hans Lüdemann, Yves Robert, Dejan Terzic, Majid Bekkas, Alexandra Grimal orcd.co/ludemann_transeuropeexpress_ensemble_on_the_edges1

T.E.E. The TransEuropeExpress is appearing live at the festival „Freiberger Jazztage“ on April 22 with a special lineup including saxophonists Angelika NIescier and Julien Pontvianne and bassist LIsa Wulff.
In June, the new project „on the edges 3 (Roman Express)“ is produced and premiered at the Casa del Jazz in Rome, featuring Rita Marcotulli and Luciano Biondini.

Hans Lüdemann
Trio Ivoire XX: „Enchanted Forest“


Aly Keita, Christian Thomé, Lisa Wulff, Simin Tander, Tamara Lukasheva, Monica Akihary
live Premiere (with audience!!!!) at NDR Hamburg, April 7 & 8, Rolf LIebermann - Studio
Two years after the original concert date in 2020, finally two live performances in Hamburg! The very special jubilee project combines the percussive Trio Ivoire with a vocal trio of three individual and exceptional improvising singers.
Supported by:
Kultur NRW

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